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We are a Groningen-based company with an international appeal and an informal working environment with a focus on personal development, a no-nonsense mentality and direct lines of communication. We believe in the freedom to organise your work yourself.

What do you choose?


Where would we be today without IT and data? As an organisation, we are preparing for a digital future. Will you help us?

Front and back office

Our organisation cannot run without the colleagues in our board office and other supported (management) departments.


As legal professionals, we strive to provide our clients with personalized and expert guidance in their legal matters. We believe in the importance of both hard work and enjoying what we do. If you share our belief and are passionate about combining diligent effort with a positive work environment, we are interested in hearing from you!

Opportunities & possibilities

Are you ambitious and would you like to grow further? We will give you the opportunity. We would like to get to know you.


Are you a student and want to do an internship or maybe even graduate? We have several opportunities for this.


Experienced in the maritime world?

What are your future colleagues saying?

De klik was er meteen

Anker Insurance Company is qua organisatie een stuk kleiner dan ik gewend was. Meteen merkte ik dat dit voor mij heel goed werkt. Veel dingen worden zelf geregeld en er zingt een gezonde energie door de gangen.

Rolf Hillenga

Proces- en beleidsadviseur

Ik geloof in de kracht van het team

We zien met z’n allen de mogelijke verbeteringen in proces en operatie en ik zie vooral een positief, verantwoordelijk en enthousiast team met de vaardigheid om kritisch te kijken naar hoe we ons werk doen.

Joris Bos

Manager IT

Collega’s aardig en behulpzaam

Tijdens mijn zoektocht naar een passende en leuke baan kwam ik Anker Insurance Company tegen. De gehele sollicitatieprocedure verliep prettig, met aandacht voor mij als persoon.

Kim Verspuij

Office Assistant
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Our culture

Our company culture embodies a harmonious blend of people-centered and outcome-driven approaches, with a particular emphasis on prioritizing people. This philosophy is evident in our mission, vision, and the way we interact with our colleagues, clients, and partners on a daily basis.

Maintaining a transparent corporate culture is vital for nurturing the dedication of our professionals, fostering a positive work environment, and driving business growth. It is crucial that each individual genuinely feels like an integral part of this culture.

By promoting equal and open communication, upholding strong values, and fostering the professional development and self-direction of our employees, Anker Insurance Company remains steadfast on its chosen path.

What do we offer?

Employment conditions

We offer excellent working conditions that comply with the Collective Labour Agreement of the Association of Insurers


Through beFrank, we have a modern pension, offering flexible options. For example, you can choose to save more on your own.


We think it is important that you can continue to develop yourself. We are happy to contribute to this.


We believe in the freedom to organise your work yourself. At home and in the office.

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I want to work at Anker Insurance Company

You’ve found a vacancy and want to apply. Nice that you are interested in Anchor Insurance Company! Read below what the application process looks like.

We are happy to hear that you are interested.

Have you seen a great vacancy that suits you? Then apply via the application form. We will then process it.

Do you have any questions first? Then get in touch with us!

Who are you and who are we

When we see a match between you and our vacancy. Then we would like to get to know you better during an initial introductory meeting. This can be done online or on location.

Do we have a match?

We would like to invite you to our office to talk further about you and the position. You will also get to know the team and the rest of our company!


You are our new colleague. Welcome to Anker Insurance Company


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Job applications and privacy

When you apply to Anker Insurance Company, we receive your application containing personal data. We value privacy and process your data in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.

Pre- and in-employment screening policy

Before hiring new staff or moving employees to other positions within the company, Anker Insurance Company uses a so-called screening policy.

Got any questions? Get in touch with us!

Want to know more about us and our corporate culture? Or do you have questions about a vacancy you’ve seen? Fill in the form below and Linda Strating or Christina Scheeringa will get back to you as soon as possible!

Contact HR ENG

Contact HR ENG

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