Good Governance

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As an insurer, we have a social function. For us, the interests of customers, partners and employees combined with continuity-driven thinking always take precedence over short-term (profit) thinking.

We are convinced that a well-functioning governance structure is necessary for the ethical and economically responsible functioning of an insurance company.

Governance principles

‘Good Governance’ or good management and supervision is an important issue in the insurance industry. In a nutshell, Good Governance is about responsible, honest, professional and transparent governance, in which continuity and a balanced consideration of interests play a central role.

An important code of conduct as far as our governance is concerned is the Insurance Association’s Code of Conduct for Insurers. It contains principles related to continuing education for executive and supervisory board members and careful customer treatment. We apply these principles.

In addition, although we are not listed, we proportionally apply the principles and best practice provisions from the Dutch Corporate Governance Code of December 2016.