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Anker Insurance Company

Our history goes back to 1907. A group of northern Dutch shipowners decided to jointly finance the care of sick and disabled crew members. They did so on the basis of trust, commitment and reciprocity. Principles that still define our identity today.

Crew insurance and software
We support maritime employers in taking care of their crew members with insurance solutions for illness, disability, accidents and death in service. Additionally, we offer crew management software.

Legal expenses, travel and leisure
Over time, we have expanded our business. Through our distribution partners, we offer insurance solutions in the fields of legal aid, travel and recreation. Here, Anker Rechtshulp provides legal assistance.

About us

Anker Insurance Company is focused on serving specific target groups and providing niche insurance.


From 1 April 2022, De Goudse will be the sole shareholder of Anker Insurance Company. Our history began in 1907 with the founding of "Het Noorden".


Our Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, managers and key positions


Our Annual Reports and Solvency and Financial Condition Reports for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022.


We believe that it is very important to contribute to a brighter society.

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As a niche insurer and specialist, we offer insurance and services to maritime employers and insurance solutions in the areas of legal aid, travel and leisure.

In a landscape of sameness and standardisation, we want to offer distinction. Solutions are developed in close cooperation with partners and client groups. This combines speed, efficiency and customisation with humanity, loyalty and commitment.

Being clear in what we do. Or not. Working (together) with an open mind based on trust and reciprocity. Being there when it matters. Growing by learning from each other and by doing and daring.